Bring the Sounds of Serenity Home with a Fountain

Is there a more peaceful sound than the sound of gently flowing water as you enjoy the view of your garden or work at your desk? Outdoor fountains can create a focal centerpiece in your garden or an accent to complete your yard. Indoor fountains are a beautiful way to bring the element of water into your home or office.


At Aquatic & Garden Decor, we offer the finest selection of high quality fountains. From magnificent cast stone options that make a statement in your yard to an elegant wall water feature to add tranquility to the waiting room at your office, we can help you find the perfect water feature.


Cast Stone

Cast Stone





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Outdoor Fountains

Cast Stone Fountains

As you wander around our open-air showroom, you’ll be dazzled by our collection of cast stone fountains. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is happy to help you find the perfect statement piece for your outdoor space.


These fountains are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. You can choose the classic style of traditional multi-tier, or explore more unique, modern styles or consider designs inspired by nature. Whatever style you decide is perfect for you, it will certainly be the centerpiece of your yard or garden for years to come.


Aquatic & Garden Decor’s cast stone fountains are made in the USA. That means you’ll be offering your support for true American craftsmanship. Visit Aquatic & Garden Decor and be captivated by our cast stone fountains!

Disappearing Water Fountains

There’s a special place in our outdoor showroom that always pulls people in with its serenity and beauty. Disappearing water fountains get their name from the hidden reservoir of water underneath the ground making it appear as though the cascading water is disappearing into the earth. These fountains can be made from a variety of materials including pottery, natural stone, and even cast stone.

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Natural Stone

Accentuate the beauty of natural stone with flowing water. Natural stone fountains, a type of disappearing water fountain, have become increasingly popular over the last few years as the desire for a natural look has grown.


Aquatic & Garden Decor carries a vast selection of natural stone fountains. From drilled granite boulders, stunning onyx pieces, one of a kind petrified bamboo stones, to carved basalt columns, natural stone combines the elements of earth and water for a unique experience unlike any other.


Customers love natural stone fountains for more than their beauty! They are very easy to take care of, especially during the winter months. All you have to do is unplug the pump. It’s that simple!


At Aquatic & Garden Decor, we can transform any pottery planter into a disappearing water fountain, and we have an abundant selection. You can choose a single piece for a small corner in your garden or a larger trio for a centerpiece that makes a statement.


From matte to high gloss finishes, smooth or highly textured, neutral or bold and bright colors, you’ll surely find something to fit your individual taste and budget.

Indoor Fountains

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are truly art in motion. Not only are they visually stunning, but they also add the gentle sound of running water to your indoor space. Whether you need a large statement piece in your lobby or a beautiful accent in your living room, these water features bring together sight and sound for an unmatched art experience.


When you visit Aquatic & Garden Decor, you’ll find our indoor showroom has some of the most beautiful wall fountains you’ll ever see. Choose from striking stone textures and a variety of coordinating metals to create a piece customized to your personal taste.

Tabletop Fountains

Bring the serenity of running water into your home or office with tabletop fountains. Not only is the sound of running water soothing, it also adds an interesting decor element that catches the eye immediately.


No matter where you decide to place your water feature, it is guaranteed to make a beautiful addition to your space. Our selection includes something for every unique taste and design. From contemporary to classic and everything in between, we have the perfect tabletop fountain for you.

Fountain Brands We Sell

Aquatic & Garden Decor carries products from the best suppliers in the industry. Check out our world-class manufacturers below, and if you see something you’re interested in, please contact us.

For the best selection of indoor and outdoor fountains in the Midwest, come to Aquatic & Garden Decor. We can help you find the perfect piece for your yard, garden, or home!