Large Lake & Ponds

Large Ponds & Lakes

Protect Them With an Airmax Ecosystem

Large ponds and lakes need care just like small ponds and water gardens In the past, many pond and lake owners have had to rely on reactive methods to keep their bodies of water clean and healthy. Manually cleaning algae and relying on chemical applications can be damaging to the ecosystem you’re trying to protect, especially to your fish friends.


Fortunately, Aquatic & Garden Decor carries Airmax Ecosystem products to help aerate your pond/lake and keep the ecosystem of your pond/lake balanced all year long.


With these aeration products, you can get directly to the source of your problems: excessive nutrients in the water column and in the muck at the bottom of the pond. By providing microbial competition for the nutrients, you can successfully maintain healthy and clear ponds and lakes.

The benefits of Airmax Ecosystem products

A healthy, clear, and circulated water column

The Airmax Aeration System eliminates the thermocline (water separated into multiple layers based on temperature). When the thermocline is eliminated, oxygen can get to the bottom, creating a perfect environment for aerobic beneficial bacteria such as PondClear and MuckAway to thrive.

Preventing winter fish kill

Keeping the aerator running in colder climates (where an ice layer may form) will greatly reduce the chances of a winter fish kill. Dying or dead vegetation will cause toxic gases to build up underneath the ice during the winter months. The Airmax Aeration System can prevent this by circulating the water column and pumping oxygen into the pond or lake. Circulating the water column will also maintain an open hole in the ice, allowing the toxic gases to safely escape.

A stronger fish population

In a thermally stratified state, the bottom half of your pond becomes almost uninhabitable to fish. The low oxygen and high amount of toxins drive your fish into the much warmer top half of the pond. The Airmax Aeration System de-stratifies the water column, creating optimal conditions for fish to inhabit the entire body of water.

Your pond or lake is your personal paradise. Don’t let it get past the point of no return! We are proud to carry Airmax Aeration Systems at Aquatic & Garden Decor. Stop in today to find the perfect system for you.