Two blue colored birds perched on the edge of a bird bath with water in it and green trees in the background

Discover The Perfect Bird Bath For Your Garden.

Create A Backyard Oasis: Explore Our Exquisite Bird Baths

More than just a beautiful addition to your garden, a bird bath is an invitation to nature’s wonders. A sparkling water retreat attracting a variety of colorful birds.

You will love listening to the delightful melodies of birds singing as they bathe and splash, creating a tranquil escape right in your backyard.

More than just a pretty addition, it’s a helping hand for your garden. Attract a variety of colorful birds who become your natural pest patrol, happily munching on mosquitos and other insects. It’s a win-win! Plus, watching these feathered friends flit and bathe is a calming and therapeutic experience, perfect for de-stressing after a long day.

At Aquatic & Garden Decor, we have the largest and most unique selection of bird baths in the Midwest! With over 50 varieties in cast stone, granite, and pottery, you’re sure to find the perfect one to complement your outdoor space and bring a touch of serenity to your garden.

Stone bird bath in the shape of a tree trunk sitting outside near purple flowers
Collection of birdbaths at Aquatic & Garden Decor

How to Care For Your Bird Bath

A bird bath is a beautiful addition to any garden, attracting birds and small mammals to liven up your garden. However, just like every other element of your garden, you need to maintain a level of care to keep it looking beautiful! We’ve put together some of our favorite birdbath care tips below. Learn more, then come to Aquatic & Garden Decor to pick up the perfect birdbath for your garden.

Give your bird bath a regular scrub.

If you see your bird bath getting a little dirty or grimy, simply rinse and scrub it with a solution made up of nine parts water, one part vinegar. We do not recommend harsh cleaning solutions as they could harm the birds and other wildlife. This is especially important for birds because they have an essential layer of oil on their feathers that could be damaged if they come into contact with harsh chemicals.

Refill the water every other day.

Still, stagnant water causes bugs, algae, and other unwanted visitors to make their home in your bird bath. Make sure you refill the water every other day (or every day if you feel motivated) to ensure it remains clean and welcoming for birds and other animals passing through!

Choose The Best Spots for Your Bird Bath

While your bird bath should be close to perches and feeders for your feathered friends, they should not be directly under any greenery or food sources. This will prevent debris and seeds from falling into the water.

Aquatic & Garden Decor has the largest and most unique selection of birdbaths in the Midwest. Choose from over 50 varieties, including cast stone, granite, and pottery options. Come and see us today!