Common Fountain Care Mistakes to Avoid

Common Fountain Care Mistakes to Avoid 

Proper fountain care is essential to keeping your outdoor space looking beautiful. Learn more about the most common fountain care mistakes from the experts at Aquatic & Garden Decor below. 

Top 5 Fountain Care Mistakes 

Incorrect Water Levels 

Both over and underfilling your fountain can result in an overworked pump. Other issues may include splashing or spilling, possibly damaging surrounding plants or décor. The appropriate water level will vary based on the fountain you choose, but always make sure you monitor the level and top it off regularly. 

Using Tap Water 

Tap water can sometimes be dangerous for fountains. Depending on how hard the water is, mineral deposits can build up and require consistent cleaning. Tap water can also overwork the pump. We recommend using distilled water when possible to keep your fountain clean and healthy. 

Keeping the Fountain On 24/7

We don’t recommend keeping your fountain on 24/7. This is because fountains running for longer periods of time are more susceptible to water loss from wind, splash, evaporation, etc. This can result in a low water level, which therefore can cause strain on the pump. 

Neglecting Cleaning

You must clean your fountain regularly to prevent algae and debris buildup. Depending on where you place your fountain, you may only need to lightly clean it once a week as needed. However, if you place it under a tree or other foliage, you may need to clean it more heavily to prevent leaves and waste from clogging the pump. 

Placing Fountain on Loose Soil 

Always place your fountain on a solid base. Not only will this prevent your fountain from tipping over, it will also keep the water level so it can flow properly. 

Get More Fountain Care Tips from Aquatic 

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