Pottery Planters

Instantly spruce up your outdoor space!

Pottery planters bring a beautiful, timeless elegance to any garden or outdoor space. These classic containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your style. Whether you are looking for a simple and understated pot for your windowsill herbs or something more elaborate for larger plants, pottery planters are an excellent choice.


They are also designed to last longer than many other materials, making them ideal for those who want to keep their plants indoors or outdoors all year round. Not only do they look great, but pottery also help regulate soil temperature and moisture levels better than other containers, allowing your plants to thrive even in harsh environments.


When you visit Aquatic & Garden Decor’s outdoor showroom in Cincinnati, you will immediately be drawn in by our colorful assortment. Our selection varies from modern to traditional styles with a vast array of vivid colors, giving you limitless options.

Pottery Planters
Three large ceramic planters covered with blue glaze

Are pottery planters good for plants?

Pottery planters are a popular choice for outdoor plants, but they come with a few things to keep in mind. First, they’re porous, so they will absorb water and then release it slowly back into the soil. This can be good or bad, depending on your plant’s needs—too much water can cause root rot.


Second, pottery can get very hot in direct sunlight, so make sure to choose a spot that isn’t too sunny for your plants. Finally, because it’s breakable, it’s important to be careful when moving or watering your plants.


Overall, pottery planters are a great option for plants as long as you take some care in choosing the right location and handling them with care.

Can pottery planters stay out in the winter?

These planters can easily withstand cold Cincinnati temperatures, making them ideal for year-round use. While most pottery can stay outdoors in winter without any problems, glazed pots are best. Glazed planters are more resistant to frost than those made from unglazed clay.

Aquatic & Garden Decor has the largest and most unique selection of ceramic planters in the Midwest. From modern to traditional, come see everything we have in stock!