Top 5 Fountain Care Tips 

Fountain care is essential to keeping your outdoor oasis clean and functional. If you want your fountain to remain in top condition for years, check out our top 5 fountain care tips below. 

1. Keep the pump clean. 

One of the most important fountain care tips is to keep the pump clean no matter what. Debris such as soil, leaves, and twigs can get into the pump and cause it to run slowly (or even stop). An excess amount of debris can cause irreparable damage and require a replacement pump. 

2. Keep water bowls/basins filled at all times. 

If your fountain runs on low water for an extended period of time, the pump may overheat and fail. Unfortunately, most fountain warranties do not cover pump failure due to this reason, including our warranties at Aquatic.

3. Use water treatments.

The buildup of algae and mineral deposits in your fountain can be incredibly damaging. Much like allowing the buildup of debris to get out of hand, algae can clog the pump and make the fountain very difficult to clean. The algaecides we sell here at Aquatic & Garden Decor are not harmful to humans, birds, or other animals when used as directed. 

4. Run your fountain a lot – but not 24/7.

Running the water regularly reduces the chances of mineral deposits and other harmful buildup. However, you should not run the fountain 24/7. This is due to the fact that fountains are more susceptible to water loss if on all the time. As mentioned above, if you run your fountain on low water, the pump may overheat and fail. 

5. Inspect your fountain regularly.

The best way to prevent damage and keep your fountain running for years is to regularly inspect it. Make sure to check the water level, mechanical parts, and power supply. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, catching it sooner as opposed to later will likely result in being able to fix it. 

For more fountain care tips, check out our fountain care page, or contact us for more information.