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Create An Oasis – In Your Own Backyard!At Aquatic & Garden Decor, we practice what we teach when it comes to water gardens. It is our goal that each customer finds it easy to care for and enjoy his or her pond and water garden. Creating the perfect water garden is easy – if you have the right water gardening products and the right guidance to get your water garden started, and keep it healthy all season long.No chemicals or biological filters are necessary. A balance of the right water plants in the appropriate proportions is all you need. Once a healthy pond ecosystem has been established, you can let nature take care of the maintenance for you!

We carry the best water gardening supplies and the right equipment to help you customize the pond and create focal points such as waterfalls and bubbling fountains. Finding the right accents is easy with our unparalleled selection accents, statues and fountains.

Visit Aquatic & Garden Décor, and start your water garden today!